Biography of shaheed Ahmed Kanouni

Biography of shaheed Ahmed Kanouni 3Argelia-a-09111 Biography of shaheed Ahmed Kanouni3Argelia-a-09111



  • Birth

Athmane Kanouni, born in 1917 (for judgment) at Douar Lefrikat (common mixed Righa Ain Oulmène ex-Colbert) in a family of seven children, consisting of 2 girls and 5 boys, and Um Amor Kanouni Es’Saêd Zebbiche.
Athmane Kanouni was the youngest of the family very modest, conservative, strongly imbued with the values Islam, grew up in a rural area and was married with 6 children, 3 girls and 3 boys.
Athmane Kanouni made his first « primary education » in a first time with the ancient scholars village, but his ambition is to acquire than anything « science and knowledge » that prompted him to Douar Lefrikat leave and join the Koranic school called « Zaouite BELHAMLAOUI », located in Arrasse Ain,Wadi common Seguine, Daira of Teleghma where Sheikh BELHAMLAOUI taught him Arabic, the Qur’an, jurisprudence, values ​​and precepts of Islam.

  • The incorporation

At the beginning of World War II, he was called by the French colonial army to accomplish his compulsory military service and mobilized other « Muslims » alongside the French against Nazi Germany.
As fate would have it taken prisoner with his « comrades Muslims » by the forces Nazi German, where he suffered the worst torture.
He was jailed for five (5) years in Nazi prisons Germany until the end of the war.
He was finally released and goes home to Douar Lefrikat where he finds his family in poverty and most extreme squalor.


  •   Political and religious activity

On his return to Algeria in a « booming », attends the massacre of his countrymen, the repression settlers, deportations, imprisonment in the event of May 8, 1945 including Setif.
He moved to Douar Lefrikat and became « teacher » in a Koranic school.
The instruction is one of the best « weapons » to fight against colonialism remembering the word God « DSL! « (Iqra!) To Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
It aired knowledge and preaching in Douar Lefrikat and throughout the region of Ain Oulmène ex Colbert and popular circles touching Muslims.
He was also known for his dedication to the real teachings of Islam and became interested in education to prepare a conscious society, capable of fighting colonialism and raise the homeland.
As he considered that the armed struggle against the enemies of the fatherland and religion was legitimate and necessary.
Teaching him was one of the best means of dissemination and preaching.
Islam is the best defense against colonialism.
He began to teach the Arabic language and the Qur’an Douar Lefrikat then the village mosque.
If the Sheikh El-Hadi Aïdoudi Imam of the mosque of the village (a graduate of Zaytuna, Tunisia) also gave Arabic language courses and charged If Athmane Kanouni to assist and became an officer of Worship « Mouadhine » the same mosque.

  •   Its role in the revolution

The injustice and contempt for the most basic rights of French colonialism, forced If Athmane Kanouni, nom de guerre Si Ahmed to embrace the national cause.
He contacted the Association of Ulema Sheikh Bashir Ibrahimi Grand (writer and founding member of Ulema Association, successor to the great Sheikh Abdelhamid Ben Badis and father of former Minister Foreign Ahmed Taleb) and between resolutely underground path similar to that of most Mujahideen.


  •   After joining the ranks of the revolution and given his military experience gained during the Second World War, particularly in the handling of weapons, ammunition and construction bunkers (secret caches)
  •   If Athmane Kanouni was appointed the first head of the clandestine cell « Organization of Five » of the village and the region of Ain-Oulmène (Ex Colbert) as with companions

weapons and resistance:
1-Athmane Kanouni nom de guerre « If Ahmed Kanouni »
Responsible for cell clandestine « 0rganization of 5″
2-Benyoucef Ahmed (Shaheed)
3-Mohamed Boussahel « Bellabaoui » (Shahid)
4-Hajj Hafnaoui Djellaoudji « El Ketfi ‘tortured to death (Shahid)
5-Abdelmadjid Sebaihi « Belwadhah » (Shahid)
Since 1960, this organization (O5) was primarily responsible for:
-Educate « Muslim citizens » of the national cause,
-Recruit Fidayinnes and mujahideen to liberate the country
-Collect funds for the National Liberation Army and the national liberation front « ALN-FLN. »
Saper-colonial economy by burning their crops and their farms by sabotaging the entire colonial infrastructure (Cut sawing communications telephone poles), down power poles, cut bridges and damage to roads, transport vehicles settlers etc…
-Make your life a hell, a nightmare to the French army and French settlers.
-Change the fear camp

  •   His arrest

An indicator would reveal the exact location of three casemates (secret caches) of all important near the house of Ahmed Kanouni If the Douar Lefrikat and its presence in one of these three casemates.
Immediately informed that information of the highest importance was quickly exploited by services second special office headed by the notorious intelligence officer and executioner several Algerian Colonel Guérin.
The day of July 14, 1960, the French national holiday, a truck carrying twenty soldiers and a jeep French army is sent to Douar Lefrikat.
Soon arrived on the scene, the soldiers quickly surrounded the house of Ahmed If Kanouni, conduct
a search of all the adjacent houses, completing all cattle, burning all fields of wheat and
culture and homes.
French soldiers spread terror and threats in forcing people to dig and dig
After several hours of searching, this indicator would accurately identified and shown the exact location
one of the three (3) If casemate housing Ahmed Kanouni Ferhat and his nephew.
Both Mujahideen, Si Ahmed and his nephew Ferhat are captured and tied up.
The casemate was thoroughly searched and documents were confiscated by the secret services
French intelligence.

  • His incarceration

If the Shahid Ahmed Kanouni was transferred to the barracks Ain Arifa (Ouled Ahmed If) of the BASE
DOP (Operational Detachments Protection) nicknamed « the Gestapo in Algeria » units
semi-clandestine military intelligence and specialized parts everywhere in Algeria, which were
the key players in the organized barbarism from 1957.
Torture the most known and most used by the executioners of the DOP and the Shahid Si Ahmed
Kanouni suffered:
There were five main methods, often used in combination after systematic exposure of the victim.
- Blows: introduction, especially during searches of villages during arrests.
- The tub asphyxia temporary victim kept his head under water, or water pipe: water is poured
through a pipe inserted into the mouth of the victim to suffocation.
-The Electricity or Gégène, the most widespread: the most sensitive parts of the body including genitals, we place
electrodes connected to a generator that actuates the crank torturer.
-Hanging: the victim is suspended in the air by her wrists held back until his shoulders and shoulder blades broke up.
-Rape: most often with objects, pieces of wood or bottles.

  •   His death

The exact date and circumstances of his death are still mysterious, indeterminate probably between 20 July and 4 August 1960.
On the day of his execution, he was tied by his hands, then was dragged by the feet on a Jeep
Douar Lefrikat fields and then hanged on a public urinal in front of the Hackberry in the center of
village next to the old church and the old Town Hall on the corner of the intersection of Main Street.
Hackberry in the background on the left in photo below where Ahmed Shaheed If Kanouni was hanged in summer 1960

If the Shahid Ahmed Kanouni was hanged by the neck with a thick rope, his eyes were wide open,
his face was swollen with bruises everywhere, he had short black hair, his hands were tied
behind his back, he was wearing only pants torn dark olive green on one side of his
leg, covered with mud, his chest was bare and deep bore the marks of abuse or torture.
A large dagger piercing the sign « Kanouni AHMED » was pushed to the limit in the heart
the valiant Shaheed « If Ahmed Kanouni » and to terrorize the « Arab inhabitants » Ain-Oulmène ex Colbert.
All children who saw the body of Ahmed Shaheed If Kanouni are traumatized to this day and
never forget this horrible, ugly and inhuman French colonialism:
NCOs French intelligence Martinez and planers, have welcomed their way to say the
corpse « hanged » If the Shahid Ahmed Kanouni.
The salvation of the most shameful history:
This is the NCO of the French intelligence « Rabot » which would have planted his dagger into the heart of
Shahid valiant « If Ahmed Kanouni » uttering « insults », sticking out his chest, showing his
boastfulness and cowardice have captured a Grand Officer of the Unit ALN / FLN as

If brave Shahid Ahmed Kanouni.

  • Well said « mine Achour Boutasse » on the photo below, located south of Douar Lèfrikat east of the town of Ain-Oulmène city where Shahid Ahtmane Kanouni and many others were thrown chouhadas

After being exposed more than 24 hours, many village elders remember now, it was seconded,
cast on the set of Half-Track, transported and released as other chouhadas in potassium mine well known
of « Achour Boutasse » a depth of about 150 meters south of Douar Lefrikat near the bridge
This « well » served as a kind of CHARNIER by the French army.

  • After his death in the summer of 1960, the network of brave resistance of Si Ahmed Shaheed was Kanouni

dismantled and then beheaded.

  •   All his comrades including Benyoucef Ahmed Mohamed Boussahel « Bellabaoui »

Hajj Hafnaoui Djellaoudji « El Ketfi » Abdelmadjid Sebaihi « Belwadhah » Lakhdar Kanouni,
Ferhat Kanouni, Lamri Kanouni, Sassi Kanouni were arrested, tortured to death and then shot and thrown in either
a well or in a pit of some kind.
• The struggle of the Algerian people will continue until the total liberation of the country and the recovery of independence.
• To date, the graves of Shaheed Ahmed Kanouni and those of other chouhadas cast are still unfortunately
in this well.
• Today, the National Highway Ain Oulmène named after the Shahid « Athman Kanouni »
(Corner of Main Street where he was hanged to the intersection of the boys’ school)
Thanks to the sacrifices of his best children 5 July 1962,
ALGERIA is free and independent.

« Glory and Eternity our valiant Martyrs »

 ©2012-2013,Biography written by MM.Hacène Douhil (Paris) & Abdelhamid Mezaâche (Ain-Oulmène)

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