Biography of shaheed Abdelhamid Douhil

Biography of shaheed Abdelhamid Douhil 3Argelia-a-09111 Esh’Shaheed Abdelhamid Douhil3Argelia-a-09111

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His birth and education 

Abdelhamid Douhil was born on July 31st , 1941 in Setif and grew up amongst a modest family

that settled definitively in Ain-Oulmene which used to be called “Colbert” in 1940 .

This family of ten children , four girls and six boys whose the eldest was one of the greatest heroes

of the Algerian Revolution ,deceased Abdelhamid Douhil the son of cherif Douhil who was born in

1908 in Setif as Andree Levy El-Hadja cherifa” who was born on January 22nd 1918

in Setif, a teacher and a school headmistress of Ain-Oulmene’s girls-school from 1962 to 1980.

His father Cherif was the first taxi-driver not only in Colbert but in the whole region of Setif.

A thing which allowed him to know and get closer to a number of important personalities of that

time particularly famous figures and leaders of the National Movement .

He was even the friend and the private taxi-driver of “Ferhat Abbas” the ancient president of

the “GPRA” , a chemist and president of the UDMA – political party .He was also in good terms with

the eminent Cheikh El Bachir El IBRAHIMI , a writer and a co-founder of muslim Oulama Association

who was the father of the Algerian ex-minister of foreign affairs .El Cheikh El Bachir often travelled

in Cherif’s taxi .


  • Abdelhamid Douhil followed his elementary studies in Ain-Oulmene’s (Ex.Colbert) Boys-school from

1947 to 1952 and carried on his secondary studies in Lycée “Mohamed Kerouani” ex-Eugene Albertini of

Setif in order to prepare for the Baccalaureate.

He was a brilliant student and had a good mastery of Arabic, French and Latin as well.

  •  Abdelhamid Douhil used to frequently accompany his father in his taxi .He even taught him to drive

cars at an early age. He gave him (with the help of his wife) an exceptional education.

Cherif and Cherifa (the hero’s parents) inculcated in him the noble values of pride , dignity of free men ,

courage and tolerance .



He was nourished and seduced by revolutionary ideas.

  •  Abdelhamid’s patriotism and commitment to the revolution were forged through the contact of his

father’s friends ( Ferhat Abbas,Bachir El-Ibrahimi)

  • His Political Activity and his contribution to the revolution

Abdelhamid Douhil preferred to leave the Lycée-benches responding positively to the appeal of the FLN

made to students for joining the revolution in 1959.At that time our hero was still under 18.


It was in the Lycée that the young Abdelhamid Douhil began his clandestine political activity, and it was

there where he forged his arms. He played an important part in developing patriotic awareness.

He instigated and organized with his brothers in arms, Mohamed Kerouani and Mohamed Hadri strikes in

the lycée .


He drafted and distributed subversive tracts against colonialism. His comrades admitted his exceptional

courage and intelligence .

All these factors led Abdelhamid to join the national movement at the beginning of 1959.He gave

up his clandestine activities to openly rally the National Liberation Army troops in the DJebel .

All his companions did the same : Mohamed Kerouani(martyr) ,Miloud Hadri,Khlifa Zbiri ,Aderazak

Laidi(martyr),Mohamed Khoms(ex-member of parliament) , Abdeslam Bouchareb ( retired General) ,

Hcen Bouzera (military regional Chief) , Derradj Madani , Madani Aissa,Rabah Madani ,Laidi Madani,

Ahmed Madani , the deceased cousin Guenif Abdellah (ex-colonel in Air forces) and Salah (ex-senator)

  • Abdelhamid Douhil ; his war name “,Abdelhamid Lekhbeiri” became the Chief of the region of Setif

as a National Liberation Army officer and a political commissary. He had to accomplish a kind of

political-military mission.-Checking the collected funds, directing intelligence service over the

enemy, establishing false papers(passes) to facilitate the movement of the ALN members, planning attacks

and ambushes, settling down and managing conflicts between the Algerian citizens, fighting against the social

evils(alcoholism etc…) , helping and supporting the widows, the families of the prisoners and the

exiled, countering the propaganda of the enemy, instigating strikes and sabotage of all sorts,

recruiting new “ Fidayins”, damaging all what’s related to the colonial army and its economy.

  • His death

By intensifying his political and military activities the martyr hero succeeded, to a large extent, in hurting the French army.

He moved from a place to another with an unbelievable facility (Djebel Boutaleb,Djebel Ouled Tebben,

Djebel Ouled Hannech, Righa, Frikat,Ouled Gacem, Maadher, Djebel Youcef,Mechta Safia, Guellal,

Mezloug, Ras-el Oued Ex Tocqueville Ouled Mehalla,Ksar El Abtal Ex Ksar Tir,Guigba, Ain Azel

ex Ampère, Salah Bey Ex Pascal,Batna Djebel Chelaalaa Mérouana Ex Corneille,El Eulma Ex Saint Arnaud,Djebel  Braou, Bir Haddada).

He became a sort of a ghost haunting the colonial army in every place in the region. On march 27th ,

1961 in Setif, Abdelhamid Douhil was located by the French special intelligence services in a mansion

“Harrat Khmouiss” situated in Haffid Mohamed road (ex-Rue d’Angleterre) in setif (district of Langare).

Refusing to surrender, he preferred to deliver a blow in the cause of freedom batlting the whole

night of March 28th, 1961 until dawn.

He deliberately chose to die in a hero and martyr holding arms in his hands. He was really a brave warrior.

His martyrdom was a great event. 



His funerals were attended by large crowds who covered long distances.

Harate Khmouïss en premier plan à droite sur la photo ci-dessousSans-titre1-150x126

Before his burial, a very emotive ‘funeral oration’ was delivred by the activist and militant  of the

algerian cause Bènte FELLOUS in which she insisted on the fact that it’s the duty of every algerian

to remain loyal and faithful to the ideal and principles of the glorious martyrs of our great revolution.

He was being buried under the You You of present women and the cries of

“Allah Akbar, Tahia EL DJAZAIR !!!





© 2012-2014,The above biography has been translated by Djamel Ouaret (Inspector of national education),

© 2012-2014 Biographie traduite par Monsieur Djamel Ouaret (Inspecteur de l’éducation nationale)

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